The Attaways

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What A Day

It was one of those days that you know something is going to happen and it may not be a good something either.

Waking up was hard to do this morning.  I was scheduled to sub all day.  When I finally looked in the mirror, I  noticed my left eye a little red.  I thought maybe it was my contact and I would come home during 2nd period conference and clean the contact.

I did that and continued my day.  Nothing changed, so I called my busy doctor's office in the town I just moved from and now I have a prescription sitting at Walmart.  I can tell that my eye is getting a little worse.  I hope I sleep ok tonight and the medicine works fast.  Going to work on getting a new doctor in this town tomorrow.

House Update
At lunch today, my sweet husband searched online for the house that we put an offer on.  We haven't heard from our realtor and have been on pins and needles wanting to know if our offer was accepted.  Well, we saw the words "Under Contract".  Our hearts sank and I was pretty close to bawling right there.  We told ourselves that maybe it's a misprint since we haven't talked to our realtor.  Took a deep breath and went on about our day.

Later in the day, my hubby called the realtor and she said that they (meaning Fannie Mae) accepted someone else's offer on the house.

So right now the dream of painting and having family over in a place of our own has been put on pause.

Hopefully it will be a short pause.

ok...happy thoughts




  1. Aww. I remember when we were searching for a house. We put a bid in on one that was PERFECT for us! We waited and waited and waited, and the owner took another bid that was higher than ours. We were devastated. But then just a month later, we came upon this house we live in now. It is 10 times more perfect for us than the first one. And cheaper. :-) Prayers that your more perfect house is right around the corner!

  2. Thank you.

    Wow, I hope something like that happens. We are going to be patient and just keep looking.

    Looking forward to spring break! :)