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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My New Obsession

Before I get to "My New Obsession", let's do a little catching up.  First, Happy Belated Valentine's Day!  I had a wonderful day with my hubby. :)  He brought me breakfast in bed (glass of water, a Nature Valley Oat N' Honey bar, and a pink post it with "happy valentine's day" on it). That was so sweet!  I did receive a rose, a Pillow Pet red dog, chocolate, and a little card that he made later in the day.  I subbed and even worked with him that day.  I ran to Wal-Mart after school and picked up the "A-Team" movie, package of Nestle chocolate covered pretzels, and a Lysol automatic soap dispenser just because it was on sale.  The soap dispenser I believe won the prize for the best present ever! I forgot he loved soap dispensers.  My sister got us one as a wedding gift.  We tried to hang it in the shower without using the glue to stick it to the wall because we won't be in the apartment forever.  Unfortunately, the dispenser crashed into the tub one day and the lids broke.  I haven't ordered replacements yet but I will.

We traveled to Hot Springs last week to the All State Band, Choir, and Orchestra clinics and concerts.  This year is the first year I ever listened to the choirs perform.  It was absolutely beautiful!  The main reason we watched is because my best friends' "little" girl was in the mixed choir.  I'm so proud of her!  I remember her coming to concerts as a baby to see her mommy perform in college.  Time flies and I'm so excited to see her future unfold.

Ok, so we are almost to my new obsession.  Hang tight!

About a month ago, my husband decided to check out homes for sale online.  Yahoo had homes listed and he asked if I wanted to run by a few.  I said sure and away we went!  The last one of the day (by the way, snow was still on the ground) was located deep in the woods with a severe driveway.  It reminded me of a roller-coaster.  On the left of the drive was a pond and on top of a hill was this little 2 story house.  It was private, had a bay window, and a deck at the front.  He was in love!!!!!  The pond was gorgeous with a dash of snow on the bank.  No neighbors in sight.  It was heaven...until he contacted a realtor and it was already sold by the next business day.  WHAT!?!?!  Well it began the whole process of checking out other places for us to live.  Apartments are good, but for now we really need more room, less neighbors, and a place to practice.  Today we put a bid in for a HUD home.  I'll tell you more about that when/if we get it.

New Obsession*
Since we decided that we really were going for it...the house I mean, I've been studying up on do it yourself projects.  This house needs cleaning, paint, clean carpet, one day new flooring, an air conditioner, and a few appliances.  I'm learning how to paint cabinets, lay bamboo/hardwood flooring, remove border, paint particle board/laminate, and other handy things.  I'm gonna invest in a staple gun, hot glue gun, and fabric tape for sure.  I'm beyond excited to (hopefully) be moving into a house soon with my hubby.  To get all our belongings from our parents' storage/houses and put it in our house is one of our dreams.  Positive thoughts and volunteers to help us move less than a mile from where we are now is greatly appreciated.

:) happy Friday!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I got blog awards! Woo hoo!

I got blog awards! Woo hoo!

Thank you Allison! :)

The Rules of accepting the awards are:

1.) Thank and Link back to the blogs that gave you your awards

2.) Share seven things about yourself.

3.)  Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.

4.) Contact the bloggers to let them know you've given them an award.

So here we go!

Thank you to Allison, over at  I've known her since junior high.  I can't believe we are all "grown up" now!  Good luck on your journey, Allison.  I pray you will soon receive the blessing you've been praying for.

 Seven things about me. 
1.  I have 1 dog.  His name is Brutus and he is my first dog (originally my husband's).
2.  I've been with my husband, Jeff, 13.5 months.  Married for 6 months. 
3.  I am addicted to learning new things.  Turbo jam, Turbo fire, Krazy Coupon lady, etc.
4.  I have an attention span of a month when it comes to exercising.
5.  Wanted kids since I was a kid.  
6.  A few years ago, I gave up on having kids.  I never thought I would get married.  I would never settle on just anyone to share my life with.  I didn't and I'm very happy. :)  Kids will be in our future.
7. We are looking for a house.  This apartment is not cutting it.  

3.  Nominate 15 recently discovered great bloggers.  Wow.  This may be a tough one.  There are so many great blogs that I follow.  Here goes! 

I'm so new here that I'm leaving Allison's list and adding a few to the bottom that I read.  I don't have 15 yet.
1.  CD1 Again
8.  Team Baby
13.  High Five


Get Out of Town!!

Yes we did!!  We had an amazing one day trip that was well deserved for both of us.  We saw most of our families in the same place.  Flying Burger was the meeting ground, then it was on to mom's house where she had cheesecake waiting for us.  After a little more visiting, my mother in law, sister in law, mom, and us met on the square to do a little shopping.  Jeff and I finally used the rest of our gift cards at the Treasure Chest to purchase a  nice set of Oneida knives!  We feel like grown-ups now!! We have our own set of knives!  We said goodbye to our families and visited Walgreens to check out the sales and coupons.  I, for the first time ever, got some Right Guard body wash for FREE!!  Yes, I am very proud of it too!

Then it was time to head in the direction of home.  Thankfully, my brother and his family have a house on the way so we stopped in for a visit.  They are adding on to their home and our cousin is doing the work.  He is doing an amazing job!!  I'll post pics soon.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for supper and of course ate way too much.  Hamburgers-Thursday, Pizza-Friday, Hamburgers-Saturday, and Cracker Barrel-Saturday was all adding up and making us not feel too well.  We are in the beginning stage of getting back to eating normal again.  Cooking and eating at home makes us feel better so that's what we are going to do this week.  Hope we can do it!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow day!

I've been waiting on this snow day all week! I've been watching the radar on my weather channel app for a few days but was totally surprised this morning when I looked outside and snow was everywhere!!! Beautiful! Unfortunately I did lose a day of subbing but I think we will still get by. :)

Last Friday I had an interview with Career Pathways. I think the interview went ok but I knew that wouldn't be the one they wanted. I also learned that the job would be based in Nashville and that would mean a lot of driving for me. Gas would eat up about half of the paycheck so that was the big deciding factor for me.

Luckily, I was asked if I would like to sub while another teacher goes on maternity leave. I said I would do it! I should be working April through the end of the school year. I'm very excited about it and a little nervous. But that's normal :)

I am so lucky!
Jeff is working on our taxes. He volunteered so I'm happy to let him. I hope it's a painless process.

Time to enjoy our 3 day weekend! Happy birthday to my nephews! Todd is 8 today and Tyler will be 13 tomorrow! Wow, time flies!

***corrected job paragraph @12:44am
"knew I wouldn't be the one they wanted". Not "knew I would be the one". Lol