The Attaways

Friday, January 21, 2011

Already the 21st of January?? Wow!

Time sure does fly when you are having fun!  I just realized that the end of January is near.  Next month will be a fun month for our family.  Tons of birthdays and All State band clinic will keep us busy.  Let's mom, sis, both nephews, an uncle, and a cousin will celebrate their birthdays next month.  I believe my mom has decided on having a cookout around the second week.  I hope it's not during All State.  Oops, may have to check on that.

I'm trying something new.  Not only this blog, but also using coupons.  I'm very excited about the idea!  I know very little about online coupons so I'm hoping the stores are ok with them.  We shall see what happens!!  I've included a link to the Krazy Coupon Lady.  Haven't watched her on TLC yet but I will.

Weight loss journey
Since January 3rd, my husband and I have been watching what we eat by cutting calories and using the website and iphone app,  I love it!  We have also exercised at least 4-5 times a week.  We both have had great results and I'm really excited to share that I can now fit into a smaller pair of jeans.  Unfortunately I've been feeling a little blah but I believe it's because I've skipped a few days exercising.  Tonight we are jumping back into our routine with Turbo Fire.  I hope to be starting Chalean Extreme again.  It's a weightlifting program that worked really well for me a few years ago.

So wish us luck!  It's a life long journey for us.


  1. So very cool Michelle. I had great results couponing and I followed KCL too. She's a Boise local. :) I've also used the myfitnesspal app. Love that as well. Rock on girl!

  2. Hi Michelle! Glad that you are doing well! I will have to check out the myfitnesspal app! Enjoy all your Feb birthdays. :-)

  3. Hey Michelle...and "ffej" glad you guys are doing so well! If its okay with you I will probably lurk more than comment, but you guys are really becoming an inspiration! I've already checked out the fitness stuff and it looks like I might be investing!...don't tell my wallet!

    Coupons are cool! But its a sign that you really are a devoted frugal housewife (shhh I won't tell)! Just remember that you control the coupon...the coupon doesn't control you! Just because the green beans are on sale it doesn't mean I will eat them! Lol!

    Hope you guys can come to NC next summer when you guys aren't teaching! Would love to finally meet ya!

    Love and hugs and big "support" on the teamwork!
    Tiff (and fam)

  4. Thanks Rhonda and Allison! I appreciate the excitment and encouragement! :)

    Thanks to you too, Tiffany. I hope I can keep everyone entertained. :) Yes, I will only use coupons we need!

    We will meet one day, just not sure when. We'll let you know when we are on our way. :)